The Analytics Bookmark List I Wish I’d Had When I Started

Save time and hold onto these!

This list is a distillation of helpful resources for bookmarking/saving. You can use this post as part of a new hire onboarding plan, or for yourself to keep organized and up to date on analytics happenings.

Analytics Platform Login Pages

Adobe Analytics Enterprise Login

Adobe Analytics Marketing Cloud Login

Google Analytics Login

Tag Manager Login Pages

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) Login

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Login

Tealium Login

Ensighten Login

Debugging Tools

Adobe Analytics Debugger: Useful for validating basic pageload-level props, eVars, events, products, and simple attributes such as “JavaScript enabled” status. Not as useful for reviewing pages with multiple calls, post-pageload activity, custom links, etc. (Bookmarklet – create a placeholder bookmark and enter the JavaScript code provided at this link as the “URL” of the bookmark and place on your bookmarks bar, then click once you are on a site with an implementation.)

Disruptive Debugger: Useful for validating Adobe DTM data element values and whether or not rules load; will pick up post-pageload activity. Data element values change as they come in – will not record previous value but will just update to most current value. (This is a bookmarklet as well – see definition above.)

GTM Debugging Tools: article references multiple helpful tools, some GTM-specific, others more broad.

dataslayer Debugger: cross-platform debugger compatible with DTM, GTM, Tealium, and TagCommander; can monitor any W3C data layer.

WASP (Web Analytics Solution Profiler): WASP inspector is a Google Chrome extension that runs through the Chrome developer tools area. It detects tags across all platforms and offers more insight into the GTM data layer. (WASP profiler is their paid product, but the inspector is free.)

Charles Proxy: useful for debugging complex raw analytics calls and monitoring a continuous stream of activity with recording; can be used with mobile apps for live debugging. Requires a license after a 30 day free trial. Requires some time up front to properly set up certificates if using with a mobile device.

Analytics Blogs and News


Justin Cutroni (GA, thought leadership)

Avinash Kaushik (GA, thought leadership)

Simo Ahava (GTM)

Daniel Carlbom (GTM, GA)

Web Analytics Demystified (cross-platform strategy)

Jenn Kunz (Adobe DTM and data layer strategy)

Adobe blog posts related to analytics

Release Notes

Adobe Analytics/Experience Cloud Release Notes

Google Analytics Release Notes

Industry News (broader landscape)

Search Engine Watch (major marketing channels and analytics) (by Adobe)

eMarketer (research/benchmarking)

Econsultancy (market research)

Information Week (IT/big data)

CIO (business systems and trends)

Professional Associations

Digital Analytics Assocation


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